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Babysitters in San Francisco, California

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Finding the right babysitter can be a daunting task because you don't want to hire anyone off the streets to watch your kids. It is crucial to find a babysitter that has the skills and qualifications required to look after your children. Hire only the most professional babysitter and nannies in San Francisco for all your babysitting needs. A status lets you know if the babysitter is an individual or a company. The best place to start looking is within your own community, thus Aladom provides you listings of sitters in your local area, but also in Oakland, Daly City or in Berkeley. Use our interactive map to help you find the San Francisco babysitters that are closest to you.

We found 2 Babysitters in San Francisco, California

  • Home Care Agency : CAREGIVERS, NANNIES, HOUSEKEEPERS Babysitting San Francisco

    We provide free background check on every nanny / babysitter. Our most reliable nannies are available to start working in any part of the Bay Area (full/part-time or live-in). We have the lowest rates in Northern California. We provide free home assessment and phone consultation. ​ ONCE you decided to get a caregiver, a babysitter, or a housekeeper from us, we take only 48 hours to find several a...

    Company - Ad quality score: Medium
  • i can take care of any kid at any age will be in great hands Babysitting San Francisco

    My name is makayla cooks i am now i junior high schoolo and is the age of 13 life is hard now for me that my mom and dad works a lot to try to help us get more things to have. i have an 6 year old little sister an 1 year old nephew & an 6 month yera old nephew it is fun watching them and taking care of them on my own they are alot of fun I'm willing to take any aprotunity of babysitting an child. ...

    Individual - Ad quality score: Medium

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Teenagers are a large source of today’s babysitters in San Francisco, and if you intend to seek one, it is important that you find someone with safety skills in case of emergency. The best place to start looking is within the community you know, thus Aladom provides you listings of sitters in your local area, but also in Oakland, Daly City or in Berkeley. Some babysitters can be recommended by teachers, by youth group leaders or by other families who have previously employed services for babysitting.
When you contact families for whom a babysitter has worked for, it is advisable that you check for references.
Aladom also provides listing for babysitters in Marina and other cities of California. Be sure to review your babysitter after.

Approximately 32.400 inhabitants of San Francisco are in search of Babysitting.

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Making a babysitter checklist is a helpful way to make sure that you communicate all the necessary information to a new babysitter before they get started. This checklist can include safety precautions, house rules, and any potential medical problems. Find babysitters in San Francisco, Oakland, Daly City.

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