Holberton School Oliveira's Project

Hi, everyone! My name is Alexandro de Oliveira, I'm from Brazil and I'm very excited to be here and be part of this community of developers and aspiring Software Engineers.

Why I want to become a Software Engineer

After spending several years working informally in IT area I realized I needed to seek Professional Training and Certification in a Great School that could offer me some more than just theory. That’s why I’m applying for the Full Stack Software Engineer course offered by the Holberton School! Through its project-based and peer learning I hope to learn how to work in groups as a team with practical projects, which is the best way to learn in any engineering course!

My predilections

Ilha Bela
Ilha Bela, SP Brazil

I've always been curious and amazed about science and technology. I remember starting to learn Astronomy and Music at the age of 12 and can't forget my first Astronomy CD-Rom Software. My love for science was what led me to be interested in Computers and Electronic devices.

I also love the outside world, where my favorite hobby is to Paddle in Hawaian Canoes and Stand Up Paddle. That's the way I feel in direct contact with nature.

I really, really love to learn and for my pleasure today we have a lot of Online Education Platforms such as edX and Coursera, among others.

Actually I'm attending in 5 Courses/Specializations in edX, Cousera and MongoDB University.